Market Intelligence

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect by which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish”                                                                                                                     — John Quincy Adams

Johnston-Sequoia Capital Corp. (“Johnston-Sequoia”) gathers feedback and analyzes investor sentiment. Direct market commentary, market analysis and constant contact with the investment community allows Johnston-Sequoia to identify areas of importance to investors and assists in advising senior management on how to approach and target these areas.

Johnston-Sequoia works consistently to fully understand our clients value and endeavors to accurately articulate that story to their desired target audience.  This approach has resulted in a strong bond of trust between Johnston-Sequoia, its clients and the investment community. Continuous in-depth discussions both on the phone and in person allows Johnston-Sequoia to provide live-direct feedback with thoughtful analysis to our clients.

“Nothing is new, except for what is forgotten”

— Pierre Poilievre

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